River City Gender Alliance
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What kinds of special activities does RCGA have?

Various social and community activities occur throughout the year. Newsletter page is the place to be!

  • After-meeting socializing at a coffee house or restaurant.
  • Heartland Pride parade and festival (annual event) 
  • Pot-luck at meetings or social activities.
  • Night Of A 1000 Stars Gala (annual event).
  • RCGA fundraisers.
  • Imperial Court functions (ICON events).
  • "Non-meetings" at a bar, restaurant, shopping, or volunteer work.
  • TDOR (Transgender Day of Rememberance).
  • RCGA monthly social events held at various locations.
  • Private shopping (after hours outings) with area retailers

If there's anything that you think RCGA members would enjoy doing, please propose it at one of our general meetings. The board members are open to new social ideas and activities for the group.

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